D.O. Priorat

D.O. Priorat is a small mountainous region in the province of Tarragona bounded on the north by the massif of the Sierra de Montsant west the Sierra de La Figuera, East sierra Mollo and south the territory is opened following the course of Siurana river whose waters and its tributaries irrigate the area.D.O. Priorat
With an area of nearly 2000 hectares devoted to growing grapes includes 9 municipalities.
We can indicate as the cradle of O.D. La Cartuja de Scala Dei, in which, the Carthusian monks introduced the cultivation of the vine and winemaking techniques brought from France in the twelfth century.
For nearly 1,000 years ago nine villages have grown between the slopes of slate at the foot of the Montsant. Its inhabitants have managed to model the earth with margins.
Phytosanitary pests and the industrial revolution made lot of vineyards were lost and remain in minimum acreage being which has lasted until now
The slate floor and the complex topography with steep slopes causes sometimes need to build terraces for growing grapes, creating peculiar landscape is found in the Priorat
The climatic conditions of the area are marked by a large daily temperature range, which can sometimes be 25 degrees. As for the rain, it would be around 400 and 600 liters per year.
These hard soils and dry weather causes the strain get very little development, which facilitates low incidence of disease in the plant.
A highlight also that the O.D. Priorat is recognized member of the Research Centre for Study and Valorisation of Mountain Viticulture (CERVIM), features that meet the O.D. CERVIM member are: mountainous terrain with little mechanization; small vineyards, sometimes fragmented and often organized in terraces; agricultural companies with acreage contained; high need for modernization of crops and ultimately economic investments, the existence of adverse weather conditions.
The varieties recommended and authorized in the Priorat are:
Recommended red grape varieties: Grenache, Carignan
Red grape authorized varieties: grenache hairy, tempranillo, picapoll negre, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, pinot noir, syrah merlot
White varieties: Grenache, Macabeo, Pedro Ximenez, chenin blanc, muscat of Alexandria, Moscatel de Grano Menudo, blanquilla, picapoll i blanc viognier.
Garnacha and Mazuelo, stars of a select range of varieties
The varieties grown in Priorat are red, with Mazuelo and Garnacha as most outstanding native varieties.

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