Ham cutting service and cheese table for all kinds of events

jorge cortandoDelicatessen Lázaro Fernández is a reference in the Valencian and Spanish delicatessen. For almost 90 years ago, when the first of the series of Fernández moved to the Central Market in Valencia, Lázaro Fernández ham is filling the shopping baskets of the Spaniards and our goal is that the barriers are lifted so that their products can reach the more diners better. No one should be deprived of these delicacies!

!cid_63A56E47-3FAC-42BE-9875-2DA6CAE82235@ESTCOMIn addition to its Iberian products, pleasures for the palate, you can enjoy their ham cutting service and cheese table for all kinds of events (weddings, conferences, etc.). The event depends on you, Lázaro Fernández take care of the art and the best product for your event has a special taste and touch that will all remember.

His long career has made Lázaro Fernández have been established in the market and have managed to have its own seal of identity. Among the various awards that establish them, he highlights the prize won as a Champion of Spain Cutting Ham. If you want to hire our services and you need information, write to info@jamonibericoonline.com. We also want your day does not go unnoticed.




The event is up to you, Lázaro Fernández brings you the magic.