Serrano Ham

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    Ham Bodega Reserva (7.5- 8kg)


    Ham Bodega Reserva is a quality product from animals to cross breed DUROC and LANDRACE – LARGEWHITE fed with a high quality grain. It is a semi-fat ham that has a minimum curing 18 months. Jamones el Ferial beat for a quality diet and so they get a great quality of meat and a unique and pleasant flavor in their hams. Weight 7.5 – 8 kg.

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    Essence Great Reserve Duroc Ham (8-8.5 kgs)


    Andres Izquierdo Essence Ham 8-8.5 kg.

    Handcrafted in Cedrillas (Teruel). With a long and slow curing it preserves all the flavor and a low point of salt.

    Due to the genetics of the pig, we obtain a ham with juicy meat infiltrated with fat, giving that flavorful and striking marbling in quality ham.

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    Duroc Nevadensis IGP Ham from Trevélez over 30 Months Curing (7,5-8 kgs)


    Excellent and delicious ham. Jamones Abuxarra is a company located in Trevélez, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park. They cure the hams in natural dryers conserving the artisanal and traditional process of the ham of the Alpujarra. This ham has more than 20 months of natural healing. Weight 7. 5 -8kg.




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    Palette Duroc D / H El Ferial


    Delicious palette Duroc D / H El Ferial. Probably the only producer in the province of Teruel that manages all production cycles. From the treaty of feed, through the collection of cereals planted in the province through Teruel Cereals, to the drying of products in dryers located at 1,480 m altitude. They use only noble cereals and in the farms they produce and control the whole livestock process, from the genetic selection, the mothers’ farms, the breeding and the fattening. All this traceability process guarantees the highest level of homogeneity. Approximate weight 2.8-3 kg.


    For shipments to Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or Andorra consult