• jamon iberico puro de bellota loncheado

Sliced Acorn Pure Iberian Ham Cinco Jotas (12 units of 80 grams each)


Jamón ibérico puro de bellota Cinco Jotas is made from the hind legs of 100 % Iberian pig reared free. Dehesa Southwest Peninsular ensures the best diet based in acorns for a unique breed preserved since 1879. During the period of Montanera (last phase of breeding), the main oleic acids from acorns infiltrate the meat of this species so pure and singular. This gives to the ham aromas and delicious flavors  resulting in a unique piece of big quality. The box contains 12 units of 80 grams each.



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Cinco Jotas (Five Jacks, 5J) is an internationally recognized brand as the treasure of Spanish cuisine. We talk about a 100% Jamón Ibérico reared free in large areas of the Dehesa Southwest Peninsular and with a natural feeding based in acorns. 5J has preserved the purity of the breed without crossing with other species, and also preserving the natural ecosystem in which it develops. Dehesa Southwest Peninsular ensures the best power to 5J Pure Iberian pig. It is during the Montanera (last phase of breeding) when animals come to travel about 14 km daily to find the acorn -their main food and responsible for its organoleptic properties (properties that help reduce bad cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health- that provide a texture that results in a unique flavor . For over 130 years, 5J maintains the traditional and natural elaboration of all its products, preserving the experiences and traditions transmitted from generation to generation.  5J natural cellars are in Jabugo, in the Natural Park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche  that is a part of the Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO Dehesas de Sierra Morena.

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