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dehesa de luna lazaro fernandez

Dehesa de Luna launches its first extra virgin olive oil!

Finca Dehesa de Luna, Biodiversity Reserve, becomes part of the world of oil with its new product, Dehesa de Luna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which, like its wines, “has been prepared with the same enthusiasm and care“, affirms the technical director of the company, José Luis Ajenjo.

After several years of trials, it has been the 2017 harvest that definitively introduces Finca Dehesa de Luna, which is located in the Campo de Montiel, into the market for high-end oils and is a natural area of ​​special interest for the wealth of its fauna and its flora. Within this space, Dehesa de Luna has created a unique vineyard of 85 hectares surrounded by oaks and olive trees with which the Dehesa de Luna Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made.

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For this first harvest of the oil, a selection of the best plots has been carried out and 2,500 500-centiliter bottles have been prepared, which will be distributed in the main markets of the Dehesa de Luna wines, as well as in specialized shops and restaurants all of Spain.

For José Luis Asenjo, «this oil is one more step in the path we started in Dehesa de Luna with our wines. Our brand is identified with unique products that are born surrounded by virgin nature ».

Dehesa de Luna Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for the aromas of fresh fruit and green leaves that combine with balsamic (mint) echoes to compose a very elegant aromatic set. In the mouth, it maintains freshness and is both subtle and strong. It is an oil that maintains a perfect balance between the pungent and bitter attributes that distinguish the picual variety. It is perfect to take raw, accompany salads and give a touch of sophistication to any recipe.

* Soon it will be available in our delicatessen and website.



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