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JAMON IBERICO BELLOTA copiaAll the people products are already accustomed has listening to the words “gourmet foods”. Just always relating it to the gastronomy and “good eating”. All seek to fill our table with products delisiosos and end thus forming a table ‘delicatessen’. Often simply put a good Iberian ham to be sliced (as for example this Paleta Ibérica de bellota Extrem of 100gr). The issue is that few products we can get a table of scandal or for example this the Lomo ibérico puro de bellota Extrem (1 kg). Opportunities there are many, no need to complicate it much, you just need to know how to choose which products put and what not, and from here, find thousands of recipes that we can do.
If we are looking for the definition of gourmet or gourmet (gourmet word comes from the French to nominate an employee of a wine) we find that it is of “a person with a delicate taste and exquisite palate, connoisseur of the significantly meticulous cuisine, which has the capacity to be talents of food taster to test the level of taste, refinement, and quality of certain foods and wines”. It is what comes knowing as a person with an exquisite palate, his philosophy of life is to enjoy products with a taste of scandal.
A food taster is able to distinguish if a dish is “delicatessen” or if on the contrary it is not. She knows perfectly well demands that require food products of high cuisine preparations. If you want to choose a type of gourmet product, we find that there is a wide range of possibilities (either food or drink: for example salami, hams, cheeses, caviar, pasta, meats, seafood, sauces, chocolates, desserts, wines, liquors…) And a long list, for example this rice Bomba the Cazador D.O. Valencia of 1 kg is a real delight for those who enjoy the wines or the world-famous “Valencian Paella”.
Be gourmet is delight a good product and know rating their quality and also his presentation. It is possessing a great gastronomic experience, as a philosophy of life. Increasingly we find professionals who are dedicated to training in this type of profession since people want and demand quality products and only those who dedicate themselves to study and assess these products can categorize them as gourmet. Your palate, your sense of smell and its view are of special value and are able to distinguish any detail from dozens of different fragrances.

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