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White asparagus with ham

Today we have raised with the desire to make a different recipe, rather than a first or second course, today we are going to prepare a delicious appetizer: asparagus with ham.  You can put this type of appetizer for any occasion. This recipe the flavor of these two ingredients make the most as it is the asparagus with the delicious taste of the ham. Again, the decision to choose ham or ham depends on you. If you put you Iberian flavor will be more intense and of higher quality.
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This is a simple recipe that you will not take much time to make. In addition, it is also an enough economic recipe. The result of this recipe will be a combination of flavours and exquisite textures.
To carry out this recipe need these ingredients:

  • 12 white asparagus tips fresh/li>
  • 150 grams of concentrated ham stock (so we can make previously ourselves or buy it already it has done)/li>
  • 4 grams of gelling agent, can be brand Kappa or from which you want
Steps for processing;

  • First step: first take the asparagus tips and crossing a toothpick in each one of them. (You can save the rest of the asparagus for something else).
  • Second step: If you have decided to make your ham, must take into account that much more flavor is better. To get these you can reduce it gradually with very slow fire.
  • Third step: now we will mix the ED with the gelling agent. We will wait until it comes to a boil and once you arrive proper fire. Now we introduce your asparagus so that they are covered in a gelatin with great-tasting ham by the broth.
  • Step four: now it is the turn of preparing crispy ham, remove grease and spread the ham slices on a plate. Then enter it in the microwave for about a minute until it has dried and is crunchy. Finally, well dried ham fat remaining in its surface and break.
  • Step five: now only remains to serve the skewers on a platter. You can accompany with a bowl or tray with the crispy ham so that each of the guests added to the skewer before tasting it.
And after these quick and easy steps, we have ready our white asparagus with ham. A cool and delicious snack

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